Sunday, June 21, 2009

JavaFX: Looking even better

I was surprised to get a quick response to my forum post, on a Sunday afternoon yet. The response contained a solution for my unresponsive-objects problem (see below), and almost completely fixed it. I've seen the symptom recur now just once or twice in a 90-minute session, and it never persisted for more than a minute. I suspect that these remaining minor glitches have a different cause, and quite possibly are just due to my system being busy doing something else for a moment.

My virtual gameboard is now actually usable, and I played a complete game of Hammer and Spike with it in just 90 minutes. I am very pleased.

I still have more work to do: adding features, cleaning up minor bugs, and finishing the documentation. But one of these days, hopefully soon, I will make it available for others to use.

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Seth Jaffee said...

Alright! Congrats on making it work, sounds pretty cool!