Sunday, December 18, 2011


So instead of working all day on Solitaire Till Dawn, today I took some time in the afternoon and played a game with the family.

I know. I'm sorry. I should have been working. It's just that I'm getting really tired of those same three ghosts showing up, every Christmas Eve, year after year, and yelling at me about the whole work ethic thing.

It's not just that they're strident. ("Listen unto me! Comest thou with me! Lookest thou over there!" Hoo, boy.) But in recent years they've been getting more than a little bit whiney, if you want the truth. Not to mention the increasingly obvious air of desperation.

So this year I thought I'd throw them a bone, see if maybe they'll cut me some slack. It would be nice to get some sleep on Christmas Eve, for once.

You might want to do likewise: go play something that's for more than one player. Some day those guys are just going to flat give up on me as a bad job, and then they might be after you next. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I've gotta get back to work now. Happy holidays to you and yours!


Unknown said...

Happy Christmas, Rick.

In my house this year, the three ghosts have shown up in the form of two nephews and a surrogate daughter. I'd like to say there is something funny to whine about there, but in truth, it is like a balm from the world saying that a hippy youth is more interesting than the safe choices of their parents.

speaking of games that can be played by more than one.

and they make me laugh.

till my stomach hurts.

I can wish you nothing better. Good luck with the std (HMMM?) whatever you can do whenever you can do it will be received with the joy of the good fairy at the christening.

god yule

SteveH said...

Say Rick, with your white mane and cheery demeanor you remind me of a certain elf known to appear around this time of year. Any chance that elf might pop a very much anticipated and sorely missed surprise in our Xmas stockings this year??? Just asking...

Ed Campbell said...

Waiting more or less patiently. Just hate the look and feel of the substitute I've been using to make do.

It even makes my eyes hurt.

Paul said...

However long it takes it will be worth it to have the best solitaire game ever (period) on Lion. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year from a very, very long time user. And, thank you so much.

E.J.Wong said...

Not to add to the pressure Ed Campbell says,my eyes hurt from the so not perfect version of Freecell I am forced to use. I will never take good software for granted again. I can hardly wait....

Sincerely (and Happy New Year!),


ddbutton said...
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ddbutton said...

My wife and I will eventually get to appreciate the updated solitaire, but your attention to your household is admirable and critical. You only get 18 or so years to mold those young minds and souls - and even one family at a time, it makes a difference in the world.