Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gettin' Stuff Done

Nope, Solitaire Till Dawn is not done yet. But I have made a lot of progress in the last few weeks. Here's a rundown:

Buttons are now fully implemented and working. These are the buttons that actually appear in the play area. They implement some special functionality that can't be triggered by the usual click-and-drag stuff. Most games don't have or need buttons, but Accordion has a "Deal All" button, Pyramid has a "Discard Pair" button, and Puss in Corner has a "Redeal" button.

Partial decks are implemented, needed by games like The Wish that don't (ahem) play with a full deck.

Tight fans, for games like Thirteens and The Wish. Also "anchored" fans: never mind why I call them that, but these make Fortress and its variations playable.

The deck now shows correct numbers: usually the number of cards remaining in the deck, but for some games it shows the number of deals remaining.

The displays and messages in the status bar are more complete and correct.

Keyboard focus is better-behaved, so you don't have to click in the Games Drawer or in the play area in order to use keyboard shortcuts.

The behavior of the available-card-highlighting feature is much improved (still need some work on the graphics, though). The find-card feature (press '5' to highlight all the visible fives, or '5s' to highlight all the visible fives of Spades) is also working now.

And lots of little things I won't bother to list individually: stuff I've implemented and/or fixed in the solitaire engine itself.

I've completed an initial test of all 100 games now. 87 of them seem to be working, while the other 13 still have some issues to be worked out.

What am I doing now?
This week I'm working on supporting different card sizes. Up till now, I've only been using the "normal" size. The game needs to allow selecting card size from a menu, and changing card size to match the window when you change the window's size. This is perhaps half done.

What's Left?
Lots of stuff, I'm afraid. A partial list:

  • Several important toolbar buttons, including the Autoplay features and Magnetic Mouse.
  • The built-in Help and the game rules display.
  • A number of the preference settings and their implementations.
  • Sound effects.
  • A number of graphics effects.
  • Score and statistics keeping, and display.
  • New artwork.
  • Separate scores and preferences for different players on the same machine.

And there's more; those are just some of the highlights.

I will not be implementing every single feature for the first release. Some of the old version's features will have to wait. I'll get all the really important ones in, and then add the rest over time, in free upgrades.

There you go: that's the status. I'm working hard; I want this out the door as badly as some of you want it in your hands. We'll get there!


Bob said...

Thanks for your continued work on this. I, and many others, are trying to be patient waiting for it. STD is by far the best solitaire app I've ever used.

Doc said...

I recently bought my Girlfriend a $2,500.00 deck of cards - She like to play Solitaire till Dawn (mostly 40 thieves- close to 45,000 games) on her MacBook Pro while we travel in the car (this is the MacBook Pro's only purpose). She has two other Macs for (home & work, all Snow Leopard until STD Lion version appears) Sounds like you're making good progress...

papawerner said...

Greetings from Vienna in Austria. I hope STD will be soon ready. In the meantime a would accept a reduced version. Is it possible?

Grüße aus Wein - Österreich. Ich hoffe, STD wird bald fertig für LION. Bis dahin würde ich eine reduzierte Version auch downloaden.


REReader said...

Sounds like you've made impressive progress--yay!

a2dmusic said...

Your March 6 update in the sidebar is exciting to hear! I've been missing STD (uh, you know what I mean) since installing Lion. I'm actually grateful for the opportunity to pay you for the software again, since I bought it once so long ago… and used it so much since!

Two questions: will this be available in the MAS (Mac App Store)? And… do I remember you mentioning that you were going to work on an iOS version as well? Trust me, I don't ask out of impatience or any expectation… but rather as a compliment -- I've not found an iOS solitaire app that holds a candle to STD; they either are good apps with few games or lousy apps with a lot of games.

Anyway, cheers for all your efforts!

Karen Wilson said...

Thanks, Rick! Santa Barbara anxiously awaits getting back to STD :) - karen

Jean said...

Just updated one machine to Lion today and discovered I'm anxiously awaiting this update. Keep up the good work, and that's for the status update.

Auntie_Lukers said...

Hi! I just want to say thanks for Solitaire Till Dawn; the one-click to send cards where they should go is probably the best feature I've seen in *any* solitaire program. And I've tried many. Looking forward to Lion--like everyone I guess.

Ade Fowler said...

Thanks for all the hard work Rick. For what it's worth, I could live without sound effects in version 1. ;-)

Rick Holzgrafe said...

Hi, gang, it's me.

I wanted to respond to a2dmusic, who asked whether the new release will be made available in the Mac App Store (answer:yes), and whether we plan a release for iOS (answer:maybe, but not soon, gotta finish the desktop version first).

Also I wanted to thank all of you for your patience and support! I really appreciate the good words.

rod sprague said...

Hi, i'm a long time player of STD (unfortunate acronym) and i would just like to congratulate you on creating the best ever Mac OS solitaire game.
All I can say is I'm happy to wait for the lion version as long as it takes.
I would be happy to test a beta version.
Dont stress about the time gotta live too.
Best regards,
Rod in Australia