Thursday, August 2, 2012

Midsummer Fair Winds

The title of this post is kind of lame, but never mind. I was trying to draw a contrast with my previous Midsummer Doldrums post. Very shortly after I posted that, unexpected events changed my situation quite a bit.

I am now, unexpectedly and suddenly, on vacation (or what I will try to call "vacation" without falling down laughing). It's really just a break from my day job, a couple of weeks off that I will mainly spend working on Solitaire Till Dawn.

This means that instead of trying to snatch an hour or two in the evenings, when I'm bushed and can't think straight and have a zillion distractions, I can instead work a full eight-hour day on solitaire. While I don't expect to finish the project during this stretch, I do expect to make a metric ton of progress.

And here's the first fruit: on my first full day I have already finished off that architecture issue I was moaning about! It's another redesign of the animation subsystem (I think this is at least the third time I've done that), and it's working better than it ever did, with much simpler code. Tomorrow I have a bit more cleanup to do on that task, then it's back to real forward progress again.

P.S. Unhappily, the "unexpected events" I mentioned were not all good for all concerned. That story isn't mine to tell, but I wouldn't want those who know the story to think that my only reaction was unalloyed joy. As for me and mine, we're okay; we're just feeling sympathy for friends and trying to find a silver lining or two amongst the clouds.


Jean said...

I can't think of how many people will get the chuckle out of this statement that I got out of it, "I can instead work a full eight-hour day on solitaire." How many people procrastinate with solitaire for far too many hours, when you, on the other hand, actually get to work with it.

Keep up the good work. I was, indeed worried, but I understand you're doing what you can when you can.

Flowersonthewall said...

So thrilled to hear that you're back working on
solitaire Till dawn! I was despairing of it ever coming back to my computer.
I've tried about a zillion solitaire apps since you've been gone and none of them measure up. Almost every time I make a move I think "STD would do it better"

Homer1 said...

Thank you for continuing to work on the update for Solitaire 'til Dawn. Since we upgraded my operating system I miss it terribly. Nothing else measures up.

Ade Fowler said...

Thanks for the update Rick. Can’t wait to play STD again.